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About KSI Technologies LTD

A client of Price Bailey’s since 2019, KSI Technologies Ltd approached our Payroll team in 2022 after wanting to transfer their employees from one company, to another company that Price Bailey already do work for. An internationally situated company with offices throughout Europe and the USA, KSI Technologies Ltd develop, design, and build intelligent compressed air technology systems.

In June 2022, our Payroll team was approached to set up a new PAYE scheme and Payroll for KSI Technologies Ltd. They liaised with their previous payroll provider and were supplied with a Sage backup, from the Payroll the employees were being transferred from, enabling them to retrieve data and create an importable format for the IRIS Payroll Professional software the Payroll team use.

From here, the team was able to set up KSI Technologies employees on a new payroll, processed as TUPE transfers (‘Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment’) ensuring all the information that was in place previously with their former provider was now in the new scheme. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring continuity in the pension scheme and inputting brought forward applicable pension dates.

KSI Technologies Ltd payroll process includes:

  • Processing the payroll for approval; sending draft payslips for KSI Technologies Ltd to review and approve
  • Once approved, the payroll is finalised and sent to KSI Technologies Ltd in a standard folder of reports plus a Wage Journal that our Payroll team populates
  • Online payslips are uploaded to ‘myePayWindow’ for employee’s to login and view each period
  • Our Payroll team managing auto-enrolment assessments and pension uploads every month.

Maria Terry, KSI Technologies Ltd:

Price Bailey have been efficient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout our recent transition to their payroll service. All questions and queries (and I had quite a few) were answered promptly and thoroughly. The transition was extremely smooth, owing to such great communication throughout the process from beginning to end.

We outsource our payroll as it saves us both time and money. The administrative burden/duties are covered by Price Bailey and they assist with the legislative compliance required, giving us peace of mind.

The service Price Bailey provides ensures our payroll is efficient, accurate and produced in a timely manner. We are assured that we are compliant with all legislative requirements.

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