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How equity funding moved Le Col up a gear for rapid growth

23 January 2019

An interview with Founder Yanto Barker With significant growth opportunities to pursue, Price Bailey...

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VAT treatment of vouchers harmonised with the EU

9 January 2019

The UK may be preparing to leave the EU from March 2019, but legislation in some areas which will bring...

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Are you missing out on R&D tax credits?

4 January 2019

R&D Tax Credit claims have more than doubled – so why are so many companies still missing...

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What could post-Brexit immigration mean for businesses?

12 December 2018

The delay in the Parliamentary vote on the proposed Brexit deal has done little to clarify the shape...

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Ring-fencing legislation: Structural reform in banking services and the risk of fraud

10 December 2018

Price Bailey is committed to solving business challenges and keeping our clients up to date with the...

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