How can I save business tax?

Careful tax planning can go a long way to help your business

For many people, tax is something to think about only at certain times of the year. But if you want to keep your tax bill down, you need continuous tax planning, along with careful consideration of your financial activities.

A clear picture of your future direction is essential for your long-term tax planning. So you need to begin by evaluating your current financial situation, and deciding where you want to go from there.

Don’t pay more than you need to

Once you know your future direction, your next step is to consider what tax allowances, reliefs and exemptions are available to you, and appropriate for your business plans. Numerous options are available. They’re all meant to be used, and can help reduce your tax liability. They include:

  • R&D relief of credits – potential tax savings depend on your R&D spend and the size of your company.
  • Patent box tax relief – reduces the tax you pay on profits earned from patented products and innovations.
  • Agricultural Property and Business Property Relief (APR and BPR) – can significantly reduce your Inheritance Tax liability relating to owned property.

It’s also important to consider how your company is structured and how you manage and buy your business assets, such as business property. Both areas can boost profitability by reducing your tax liability, removing complexity and streamlining your business operations.

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