Running a business in the UK

Considering running a business in the UK?

All UK-based businesses need to comply with a range of regulations regarding taxation, accounting requirements, payments to staff, and employee pension contributions. Identifying and installing effective business systems, establishing the right banking arrangements, and implementing the most appropriate growth plans for your business in the UK market are also major considerations.

Understanding compliance regulations

From registering with HMRC and Companies House, filing company accounts and Corporation Tax returns, and maintaining your company’s Statutory Register, to recognising employment law and health and safety requirements, and understanding business insurance and data protection obligations. These are all steps you need take or understand when operating from the UK. 

Setting up business systems

Whether you are setting up a new business in the UK or are expanding your existing one, it’s important you identify and install the most effective systems for your business size, sector, and structure. 

Understanding the accounting options and banking arrangements available to you

As well as the essential annual accounts and tax returns you need to make informed business decisions and satisfy company filing obligations. You should also identify the best banking partners to work with your business, and ensure you have the right funding and operating facilities in place. 

At Price Bailey we can provide up-to-date, accurate management accounts, a full VAT accounting service, and the option of taking your business to the next level with a complete, bespoke cloud accounting

Other considerations include:

  • meeting payroll obligations
  • navigating and implementing a pension scheme that is right for your staff and your business
  • developing a plan that combines business strategy and corporate finance expertise to expand and improve your business. 

With a wealth of expertise and extensive experience, our team can offer advice and support on all of these issues.

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