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Chemtest specialises in the analysis of contaminated land asbestos and microbiological samples. Chemtest was a client of Price Bailey, and in 2008 they left to work with one of the top six accountancy firms. After three years, they decided to return to Price Bailey after realising they were not receiving the value they expected.

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Grow with Price Bailey: A case study on Chemtest


Price Bailey adopted a whole different approach when working with Chemtest again. Chemtest found us to be more diverse and more open, as well as consistently generating ideas to help Chemtest grow.

Chemtest has especially valued the guidance Price Bailey has provided over the years, whether that’s on growing the team or with legal advice. The one-stop approach Price Bailey offers has made Chemtest’s work a lot easier.

Peter Noone Chairman of Chemtest Limited, based in Newmarket, discusses how they returned to Price Bailey after finding they weren’t getting the value they expected.

Peter Noone, Chemtest Limited

The strength and depth of the team is diverse at Price Bailey. They haven’t just got accountants on hand, they’ve got tax advisers, they’ve got legal help there, they’ve got every aspect we require on a day-to-day basis or a monthly basis


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