Price Bailey enables Hunters to sail through the tender process.

About Hunters

Established over 28 years ago, they were looking for an accountancy firm with a top reputation in the market. When they are competing for tenders or projects in the marketplace, they need to portray financial stability.

Gary Thomas, Managing Director of Hunters Contracts, an independent specialist office furniture dealership, explains why they have worked with Price Bailey for over ten years.

Watch the full interview below for more information on how Hunters are growing with Price Bailey.

Grow with Price Bailey: A case study on Hunters

1:06 mins

Hunters chose to Partner with Price Bailey because of our reputation and the stability we offer which enables Hunters to sail through the tender process.

What’s more, Gary highlighted the person caring approach Price Bailey takes towards its clients, how we are always on hand and feel part of the team.

Gary Thomas, Hunters Contracts

We have a great working relationship. We would recommend Price Bailey. They’ve been at every step of the way with the growth of our business and they offer fantastic financial advice. They feel like part of our team and success at Hunters.

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