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What does defaulting to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules mean for UK businesses?

Download our research that explains what WTO rules could mean for UK businesses after Brexit.

When the UK leaves the EU one option is to revert to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

The WTO Option is our fall back option – the letter triggering Article 50 references it explicitly.

This report intends to:

  • Articulate what relying on WTO rules means for UK businesses, clarifying any potential confusions via a myth busting section.
  • Discuss what strategic thinking businesses affected by the WTO Option could consider.
  • Focus on the impact on the trade of goods.
  • Highlight sectors, and types of trade in goods, most affected by the reliance on WTO rules.

“WTO rules could negatively impact the productivity, profitability and/or cash flow of UK businesses, with some sectors more vulnerable than others.”

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