What is my business worth?

You’ll want to make sure your valuation is realistic and objective

You’ve spent many years building your business – overcoming obstacles, celebrating successes and passing milestones. But do you know how much your business is worth?

You may require a valuation for a number of reasons. Whether for a sale, merger, external investment or strategic tax planning, probate or a shareholder dispute, you’ll want to make sure any valuation is realistic and objective.

Consider all factors

A business’s value is based on far more than the sum of its assets and historic trading data. Other factors include: growth prospects (for the business and its market sector); the strength of the management infrastructure; the existence, strength and aggression of competitors.

Even the existence of a detailed strategic plan for the business’s future growth and development, identifying its critical opportunities, will affect the valuation.

Each factor affecting your business’s value needs to be weighted, assessed and included in the overall process, to create a true value for the business as a whole.

Of course, your valuation is likely to be part of a larger project. That’s why our advice extends across corporate finance, tax, forensic and litigation services, recovery and business strategy. Our team also originated the UK200 SME Valuation Index to provide relevant and accurate resources for valuation comparisons.

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