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Employee Ownership Trust

Supporting a market research and industry analysis consultancy

Case study

 We were approached by a market research and industry analysis consultancy because the majority shareholders wished to reduce their shareholdings in the company and sought to facilitate employee ownership as a result. 

Turnover for the company is forecast to exceed £1m per annum this year with strong growth projected in future years.

As part of our initial work on Project Globe, we undertook a feasibility study to review the business’ plans and to assess whether it would meet the requirements of an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).  

Once it became apparent that an EOT was a viable option, we worked with the company to provide advice on a suitable structure for this transaction.  As part of Project Globe and prior to the EOT, a share buyback for two minority shareholders took place and we supported the company in handling the exercise of EMI options by another shareholder, submitting a valuation and clearance application to HMRC for this purpose.

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