World Bureau of Metal Statistics Ltd (WBMS)

Providing sensitive support through changing technological times

World Bureau of Metal Statistics Ltd (WBMS)

WBMS is the leading data resource for the global metals industry. It publishes its own research and carries out surveys tailored to client organisations’ needs.

Over recent years WBMS, which collects and provides statistics about the metal industry worldwide, has changed.

Among these changes, the specific skills of two of the three directors have been replaced by advanced technology – and Price Bailey was engaged to ensure an efficient and productive exit from the business.



With the personal futures of key individuals affected by technological change, our task was to design an exit that worked for everyone. We had to ensure the departing directors were treated fairly, while leaving the organisation in a strong position to continue growing and advancing. This meant integrating a number of specialists to work with the director team.

How our services have helped

Price Bailey Strategic Corporate Finance began by advising WBMS on the most appropriate structure for the transaction, and took responsibility for managing it. This involved introducing our Consulting team, who obtained the necessary HMRC tax clearances, so the transaction could proceed in the most tax-effective way for the company and its shareholders.

Knowing that one of the outgoing directors was close to retirement age, our Private Client advisers helped to optimise the pension position and cash liquidity.

Finally, our Legal Services professionals worked alongside the project team to capture all the elements of this commercial transition in comprehensive compromise agreements. The business and departing directors are all now looking forward to a brighter future.

Sue Eales, Managing Director, WBMS:

“We were impressed by the breadth of the advice Price Bailey was able to provide through its teams of specialists. Despite their different specialisms, we felt that every person had a clear view of the overall situation and that created the feeling of a single unified entity working for our benefit.”

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