Price Bailey contributes to BBC Radio 4 podcast ‘In Business: The Business of Clicks’

In a recent podcast, the BBC has reported that research, conducted by Price Bailey, has shown that the number of online-only retailers going into administration has more than doubled since 2010, and that in 2018 alone those administrations went up by almost a fifth when compared with 2017.

You can listen to the full BBC podcast below ‘The Business of Clicks’ played on BBC Radio 4 as part of their ‘In Business’ series.

Online retail spending has increased more than four fold in the last ten years – it now accounts for almost one in five pounds we spend shopping. But whilst times are tough for our high streets, e-retailing is far from a licence to print money. With widespread discounting and a growing cost of delivery and returns, margins are being squeezed and many are finding it a struggle to survive. In this programme, Adam Shaw investigates how the economics of e-commerce work, what the move to predominantly online will mean for many retailers and what our shopping environment may look like in 10 years time.


BBC Radio 4 podcast In Business – BBC Sounds

This is further to research conducted by Price Bailey into the state of the food industry, where Price Bailey had reported that the number of restaurant businesses going bust had reached its highest level since 2010, jumping by more than a third in 2018.

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